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Our service offerings are centred around the competencies of our procurement savings tracking tool partner (Provalido) and the Sourcenomics staff that are there to serve you on many needs.






This tool was developed and launched in 2013 in the United Kingdom

This tool was developed and launched in 2013 in the United Kingdom due to continuous leakage of cost savings in many sourcing/procurements organisations in various industries thus calling for a procurement savings tracking tool that is able to allow them to do the following:


•  Create projects and plan for the cost savings
•  Allow the projects to be visible to sourcing/procurement team members based  in different locations
•  Allow project team members to collaborate and share ideas about the projects, track their progress and highlight the risks early enough
•  Get approval on high risk actions before executing them, and having an audit trail for future reference
•  Tracking and confirming of savings realised during the contract term
•  Allowing the finance team to validate the savings and forming part of the approval workflow
•  Allowing the projects to be viewed, commented on, approved or rejected using a mobile device as well
Allowing  the tool to be scaled up to more users within days with no investment in hardware


Read more about the Provalido Savings Tracker here........


The functionalities and benefits of the Provalido Savings Tracker

The functionalities and benefits of the Provalido Savings Tracker are many and are not limited only to the eight listed above.  This tool, offered through annual subscriptions under Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model has changed the face of sourcing/procurement in the organisations that have implemented it. This happens only at a micro annual subscription cost of less than 0.5% of the annual savings that most organisations negotiate and achieve when this tool has been implemented.  With this high return on investment which can happen within the first month of using this tool, why don’t you give it a try and be among those sourcing/procurement organisations that are starting to add more value to the bottom line than before.

All your data will be stored securely in a cloud using the latest TLS encryption throughout. The servers are located at an ISO 27001 certified hosting facilities in the UK, have RAID mirrored discs and are backed up daily via Tier 1 connection to a secure off-site location. All user passwords are in non-reversible encrypted format and cannot be read or retried.  You do not need to invest in any hardware for storage other than using your PC, Laptop or Tablet.   As the tool can be accessed through mobile devices as well, this supports the efficiency that most organisations advocate for.


So don’t be left behind using spreadsheets, unreliable ERP systems/modules or non-procurement specific project management tools whilst your peers in the sourcing/procurement world are ahead of the game. Do not worry about the old savings data stored in other systems as this can be migrated by uploading for you into the Provalido Savings Tracker so that you carry the history with you.  This tool is also designed to take feeds from other tools ranging from rates of exchange to savings data. An automated process to take feeds on a scheduled basis can be agreed with you. So don’t waste time whilst the clock is ticking and contact us for a demo!

Procurement and Supply Chain Management Consulting

Survival of many organisations in tough economic climates depends on the competitiveness of their procurement and supply chain management functions. This is because good profits can still be maintained even if the sales targets are difficult to achieve as long as the costs of goods and services are reduced or in some cases kept the same.  The management of costs of goods and services requires interventions in different forms. If you engage with us, we will be able to advise you on the best cost-savings levers to apply to achieve the desired results.  Our service offerings here are not limited to the ones listed below:

•    Data analytics/spend analysis
•    Procurement cost reduction
•    Reducing of working capital
•    Supply chain performance
•    Supplier management
•    Category management


Procurement and Supply Chain Management Training

Sometimes the uniqueness of certain operations in organisations call for tailor made training/courses. It is for this reason that we engage with our clients to understand the unique training needs and ensure that we develop training that will result into a quick turn-around in their business or better still, high return on investment. The one size fits all approach is not the way to go in the current dynamic business environment.

Target search of scarce skills in the Procurement and Supply Chain Management discipline

As business environments continue to be challenged by the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) related factors, it is important that the right resources are hired. This would ensure that a resilient and sustainable business continue to perform and stand out from its peers. This is only possible when resources that are competent and at the same time are able to fit in the culture of the employer’s work place are found and placed.  This is a big ask but with our well-developed network with various resources that meet this requirement, we can confidently say  we can fill your vacancies in a short space of time compared to that of  the traditional recruitment agencies. Give us an opportunity when you have a vacancy to fill from middle to executive management positions and we will ensure that we deliver on our word.



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